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Arts Together

Arts Together is an award winning charity which brings professional artists and older people together.


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There are groups in Devizes, Marlborough and Pewsey which take part in activities such as music making, mosaics, video production, ceramics, drama, painting, Indian hand dancing, photography and poetry.

Arts Together is for older people, especially those who have become physically or socially isolated.

We provide high quality creative arts with professional artists, and the chance to share experiences, make new friends and to live an enriched life

"It gives me an awful lot of pleasure"

"Now I have so many friends"

The key to the groups' success is that none of them are 'arty' but all are willing to have a 'go'.

The result is a great deal of enjoyment and surprise.

Each group runs 30 sessions a year and is supported by volunteers and a carer.

All the Arts Together group members and staff are proud that it is 'not TV and bingo'.

Group members have produced a book of their own poetry, "Words Together" and recently "September Moon", a song they composed.

Other work is exhibited during their annual get together and published in their newsletters.

"Keeps your mind working"

"Wonderful cross section of the arts"



"Outstanding instructors"

"I so enjoy it, I really do"

"Love the sense of humour"

"So enjoy being part of Arts Together that words just flow out of me"

"I often think - I can't do this - but I did!"

To ensure a high quality service, we run an annual workshop for artists and volunteers; training and support for trustees and volunteers; a newsletter by the group members; and an annual event for all the groups together.

Arts Together is also supported by FAT (Friends of Arts Together) and welcomes new group members or volunteers.

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"We're all so different but there's a thread running through the group, a kindness. Everyone is so kind."

"Before Arts Together, I felt I was not much use. I always got left in the background. I don't feel that here."

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